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We provide full support to growers, to ensure the best possible crop production.
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To send photos, video clips, and details of your question regarding your orchard, we recommend using WhatsApp from your mobile phone.

Simply add SNZI as a contact on your mobile phone, launch WhatsApp, and initiate a conversation. You can send video, record audio, photos, and text, and communicate with our team easily.

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SNZI Support

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SNZI's kiwifruit are unique in that we use natural breeding techniques only for all of our varieties, including our gold kiwifruit. While many companies use genetic modification, we feel pure and natural is best, both for the kiwifruit growing community and for the health of our customers.

Our NO-GMO approach gives our products a huge marketing advantage as well. With the increasing international concern over GMO products, GMO cultivation and import bans are increasing. You will never have that problem with SNZI kiwifruit.

Learn more about GMO's & our NO-GMO Policy