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SNZI Offers its Kiwifruit Variety Rights for Sale

For sale by negotiation.

Sino-NZ Innovation Limited (“SNZI”) is offering the worldwide rights of it's Kiwifruit  Plant Varieties (“PVs”) to a suitably qualified purchaser.

The sale includes;

  • SNZI's core portfolio of 25 No-GMO kiwifruit varieties, including twenty gold females, two green females and three male varieties.
  • Varieties which were uniquely developed to span a wide range of growing season, to optimse a grower's time-to-market. Early, Mid, and Late maturing varieties are all included in the collection.
  • A further collection of seeds comprising 11 new varieties comprising 10 gold and one red, are part of what we call the Varieties for Tomorrow.
  • Worldwide rights, excluding the Republic of South Africa.

 Offers are invited for individual cultivars or the whole package- either for individual territories or for worldwide rights ( excl. Republic of South Africa ).

To enquire, email [email protected].

About Our Kiwifruit

All of SNZI's kiwifruit varieties (PVRs) were acquired by SNZI from Don Skelton, New Zealand's pre-eminent kiwifruit breeder, who has developed 40% of all Kiwifruit Plant Variety Rights (PVR) worldwide. Many of Don’s varieties are world famous, and are popularly known by their prestigious brand names, such as KiwiKiss, First Gold, Tropikiwi and Enza gold. 

Don’s work has produced varieties which benefit kiwifruit growers worldwide in many ways:

  • Sweeter, softer varieties including a broad range of golden kiwi
  • Earlier or later maturity, to allow growers first-to-market or late-market access
  • Less susceptible to mechanical damage
  • Varieties which show more resistance to common blights
  • Seedless and seeded varieties
  • All naturally bred, No-GMO cultivars

SNZI’s kiwifruit varieties are or have been grown on six continents, in 10 countries.

Our kiwifruit varieties have undergone extensive trial tests. We currently maintain trial sites in Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Why Our Varieties are 100% NO-GMO

SNZI's kiwifruit are unique in that we use natural breeding techniques only for all of our varieties, including our gold kiwifruit. While many companies use genetic modification, we feel pure and natural is best, both for the kiwifruit growing community and for the health of our customers.

Our NO-GMO approach gives our products a huge marketing advantage as well. With the increasing international concern over GMO products, GMO cultivation and import bans are increasing. You will never have that problem with SNZI kiwifruit.

Kiwifruit Variety Analysis

The Skelton varieties can be categorized as early, new and future.

The earlier varieties have been harvested in more mature markets and tested in some new markets (e.g. Egypt and Peru).

The newer varieties ( KZ02, KZ03,KZ11 and H14 ) are under testing and evaluation in Italy, Egypt and California.

H14 has achieved 8t per hectare 18 months after grafting in South Africa and patents have been approved in South Africa and filed in the USA. Patent filing is pending in Zimbabwe and the EU. The US quarantine service will accept budwood for H14 which is scheduled to be dispatched from South Africa this month.

The future  and possibly the most rewarding varieties are Don Skelton’s Varieties for Tomorrow which include three varieties that have some unique values (he has taken a male variety and cross pollinated with what Don described as “ most successful varieties…”

See details for each of our kiwifruit plant varieties here.
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Varieties for Tomorrow

There are three varieties (H14, KZ41 and KZ120) that will lead the next wave of commercialisation of the Skelton varieties.


The Varieties for Tomorrow include a collection of kiwifruit cultivar seeds representing a unique set of 11 PVs from various varieties that Don considered the best.

All of these varieties are bred from one male, and are available as part of any sale arrangement and provide the opportunity to continue the successful kiwifruit variety development.

See details for our Varieties for Tomorrow here.
( These pages are secured- contact SNZI for access to this link - [email protected] )

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